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Setup instructions

This page will instruct you on how to setup Newsify


To fully setup Newsify, you will need a Discord and Google account. If you do not have them already, go create them.

Discord token

This is going to be super simple

  1. Go to and click on the button "New application" How to create new application

  2. Name your application
    How to name application

  3. Now you have an application, but not a bot! To get a bot, click on the "Bot" tab on the sidebar, then click on "Add bot". When it asks you if you really want to create a bot, just say yes! How to create bot

  4. To get the token, click on "Reset Token" and then "Copy" under the token while on the Bot tab. Now, be careful where you put it since tokens are basically like usernames and passwords for bots. How to copy token

Google Firebase

  1. Go to the Google Firebase console and create a new project (make sure to turn off Google Analytics)
  2. Create a new Web App and name it Discord bot. When you reach the "Add Firebase SDK" section, copy the firebaseConfig const
  3. This is a bit of a hack, but go into the terminal and type node. There, execute this command and then copy what was logged
    Node REPL Environment
  4. Put it somewhere so you can paste it into .env later (field is FIREBASE_CONF)
  5. Navigate to "Cloud Firestore" (alternate name: "Firestore Database") and create a database in test mode (also, select the closest location for the server you will be deploying the bot on)
  6. Create a new collection in the database called setting (Auto-ID the document and add some random field)

Putting that all in .env

So, clone/fork the repo and create an .env file.

For each field, add the content to it in the .env file after the = (Remember, no spaces)

TOKENDiscord token
GUILDIDTest guild ID
FIREBASE_CONFFirebase config